Photography by William L. Jackson

Photography by William L. JacksonPhotography by William L. JacksonPhotography by William L. Jackson

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When I began photographing my dolls...

When I began photographing my dolls in twenty ten, I had no idea the pictures would become the photo stream, “Ningyoboys’ Closet.” I’d simply wanted to share my collection with other collectors. A dealer in Japanese antiques suggested I photograph and share my dolls online with other antique Japanese doll collectors and the idea percolated in my head for years with no clear direction or focus. In twenty ten I purchased a doll from doll maker Keith Kwek and sent him photos of the doll after I’d customized it. When Keith saw the pictures, he too encouraged me to share them with other collectors on line. Since establishing Ningyoboys’ Closet, I’ve had the privilege to meet and interact with some of the most creative and supportive people from around the world. 

Flickr enabled me to communicate with people instantly and receiving their feedback has become a invaluable aspect of my process. There wouldn’t be a “Closet” were it not for the fans and followers of the photo stream who continue to support, encourage and inspire me. This website is dedicated to all them who, for the past ten years, have made every moment spent shooting my dolls well worth it.  


William Jackson  

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